May 13-19 The Week In PC Game Trailers

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This Week in Trailers  

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The influx of trailers this week is a bit dry, but we are able to gather a few that will surely catch your attention. Get to check them out below:

Rainbow Six Siege — Operation Phantom Sight: Warden Trailer

A new defender had been teased by Ubisoft for Rainbow Six Siege. The new operator is part of the game’s Year 4 Season 2 update. He is named Warden and is equipped with Glance Smart Glasses, you will notice that both his watch and glasses emit the same bluish glow. His trailer also gives us that 007 vibes.

Hearthstone — The Dalaran Heist Overview

Hearthstone has a new expansion and it is called Rise of Shadows. This comes with a new single-player adventure called the Dalaran Heist. Blizzard was able to share an overview trailer about this giving players an idea on what to expect in this new adventure.

Total War THREE KINGDOMS — Liu Bei Launch Trailer

Total War Three Kingdoms is set to launch next week and both Sega and Creative Assembly were able to share a launch trailer for the game. The quick video shares the friendship and loyalty that Liu Bei has with his people which gives him the strength to go to war on the battlefields.

Castlevania Anniversary Collection — Launch Trailer


Konami launched their Castlevania Anniversary Collection this week, and it is a trip down memory lane. The collection comes with 8 classic titles which can now be played on the modern platforms. This also comes with a free eBook sharing the complete history of the series.

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 — Clan Introduction: Toreador

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 shared a trailer for their third clan called Toreador. They are the fancier type of vampires who prefer speed and flair when it comes to combat and they have the ability to charm mortals to do what they want them to do.

World of Warcraft — Safe Haven Cinematic

Blizzard shared a new cinematic trailer for the return of Thrall to the World of Warcraft. The video is called Safe Haven and it is absolutely stunning. It is also about 4 minutes long and is quite fulfilling to watch.

Trine 4 — Modus Indie Access #1: Making the Series

This is more of a dev diary than a trailer and it is about Modus Games talking about Trine and its fourth installment. Here, we could hear them talking about going back to its roots. Also, an Ultimate Collection is being talked about. This will be the most perfect way for first-time players to get into the series.

Oddworld Soulstorm — First Teaser Trailer


Abe is back with Oddworld Soulstorm. This is actually the expansion of the second game of the series which is Oddworld Abe’s Exodus. With this, the devs are planning to bring their original vision to the table.

The list this week is short, but it has some gems in it. Come back again next week for the notable PC game trailers out there.


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