Meet One Of The Mass Effect Andromeda Cast: Jarun Tann

March 3, 2017 at 5:10 AM in Gaming News with no comments
Mass Effect Andromeda


Bioware has released a new video for the Mass Effect Andromeda Cast. This time it is for the Salarian, Jarun Tann, Salarians are warm-blooded amphibians that originated from the planet Sur’Kesh. They have high metabolic speeds allowing them to think, talk, and move fast, the downside is they have shorter lifespans because of this.

Jarun is your ship’s pilot, he is known as a self-important politician with an important role in the Nexus politics. Kumail Nanjiani who might be familiar from The Late Bloomer, The Big Sick and Fist Fight is the voice actor of Jarun.Jarun is “a weaselly guy…that means well but also likes power,” said Nanjiani. He further adds that Jarun “sort of plays up his importance in every mission…so that he doesn’t lose his seat of power.”

Nanjiani is also an avid fan of the game, playing the previous Mass Effect games. “Playing the first three games was my favorite gaming experience of my whole life, so it’s pretty amazing to be a part of it.”

Check out the whole video below:

Mass Effect Andromeda launches this month on March 21 for North America and March 23 for Europe. Play it on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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