Metal Gear Survive Character Save Slots Costs 9 Dollars

February 24, 2018 at 10:43 PM in Gaming News with no comments
Metal Gear Survive


The additional Metal Gear Survive character save slots won’t come for free. This leaves you with just one avatar throughout the game. If you care to create another one, you would have to purchase it with real money or in-game currency. This type of microtransactions is not making a lot of players happy.

If for some reason you would need an extra character like for example having another person experience the game with a new character or perhaps wanting to go on a different route on skill progression without losing your previous progress, then you would need to pay 1,000 SV Coins for the character slot.

Of course, SV Coins are in-game currency but the game doesn’t seem to provide any other way of earning it except by purchasing it with real-world money or through special log promotions.

Since the slot would need 1,000 SV Coins players could purchase a fixed denomination of 1,150 SV Coins for about 9 dollars. Lower denominations are also available which you would have to purchase multiples of in order to reach 1,000 SV Coins.

Metal Gear Survive

Other things that needed to be paid for with SV Coins are Premium Boost Passes and weapon storage space. The cost of these is 200 SV Coins for the 24-hour boost and 2,400 SV Coins for the 60-day pass. To upgrade your weapon’s storehouse you must shell out 500 SV Coins. To increase the number of loadouts you can play in the co-op multiplayer.

These in-game purchases seem a bit hefty considering that you would have to purchase the game at $39.99. Metal Gear Survive launches on the weekend and is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. AllKeyShop Rewards Program


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