Microsoft Flight Simulator Shares New Video Trailer

October 13, 2019 at 12:31 AM in Digital Download News with no comments
Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Developer Asobo Studio’s shared a new trailer for their upcoming game Microsoft Flight Simulator. This will surely hype the game up for fans who are anticipating the game’s release by next year.

The video can be seen in the game’s site ‘but you will need a Windows Insider account in order to watch. However, Aquila Simulations was able to upload the full video on YouTube, so the rest of us can watch.

Get to watch the Microsoft Flight Simulator Feature Discover video below:


Lionel Fuentes, the lead engine programmer shares with us how the game’s world will be like. It is quite impressive because the game’s world is actually made up of 2 petabytes worth of data that will have all the details of Earth: like roads, buildings, and etc. You don’t have to worry about it not fitting your storage space as the game will be streamed.

Another thing is that Microsoft’s own Azure Cloud technology will be used in order to give realistically placed trees, improvements in building generations as well as improve the quality of maps in regards with its aerial image and game utilizes. Procedural generations are used for finer details like dirt, grass, sand, etc.

The game’s world is really impressive with all that technology behind it. If you are scared that the internet connection for the game will be heavy, you shouldn’t be because the game will adjust to the bandwidth of your internet, what this means is that the better internet connection you have the better-looking game would be made available to you. The game also has an online mode and an accurate Visual Flight Rules (VFR).

If you would like to play in specific locations, the game is able to cache the game data on those locations, so that you can get the same exact experience.

This is the very first in the series and it will be launching on October 17th.

Microsoft Flight Simulator launches on PC and Xbox One is having a launch date in 2020.