Mid-Season Reinforcement Update For Rainbow Six Siege

September 15, 2016 at 1:00 AM in Gaming News with no comments

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Rainbow Six Siege Mid-Season Reinforcement Update Available

Expect a lot of changes in the Rainbow Six Siege Mid-Season Reinforcement update. The most important of the improvements are for the three Operators named Twitch, Doc, and Blackbeard. There will also be new attachments, new gadgets, updates on bug fixes, as well as weapon balances.

Operator Enhancements

Rainbow Six Siege Operators

Twitch – She will now be able to deploy fully functional shock drones, instead of the previous normal drones. During matches, she will be able to deploy a second shock drone. Good news is that when you deploy your second shock drone, the first one will not be destroyed not like normal drones. Shock drones are upgraded versions of the normal drone, they are faster, more silent, can go unnoticed and having darts that can go farther.

Doc – Doc’s stim pistol will now be able to shoot healing shots to allies. The healing properties of the dart packs are at 40 HP. Overhealing teammates are allowed up to 120 HP, but the HP that exceeds 100 will slowly be reduced over a period of time.

Blackbeard – Blackbeard’s ever so famous rifle shield will now be balanced. He will have a set of two shields that he can interchange. And instead of the 800 HP the shield can take, it has now been lowered to 150 HP. An indicator has been added so that you will know when the shield cannot take any more hits.

Other Minor Operator Adjustments Valkyrie – Instead of the original 4 cameras, he now has 3 cameras only IQ & Montagne – They are now able to deploy and unequip gadgets faster.

New Gadgets

Claymore Mine – You can set this up in surrounding environments to blow up those who wander into it. Impact Grenade – Blow up your opponents or use this to also make quick holes in the environment.

New Attachments

Muzzle Brakes – no more first shot recoil Heavy Barrel – can add more damage when in long range

More Fixes

  • More weapons are tweaked to balance them out
  • Team kill punishment policy has been revised
  • Hit registration improved

The improvements are made because of the amazing community feedback. All improvements are made because of the amazing community feedback. All improvements and updates are now live in the game.



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