Middle Earth Shadow of War Trailer Features Its Vast Open World

By Veena on May 19, 2017 Gaming News with No Comments

Middle Earth Shadow of War Trailer Cover


Monolith Productions launched a new Middle Earth trailer that gives gamers a glimpse of the game’s environment. Most of the locations are very similar to that of the previous game, Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor, like locations that are buried deep in snow, rocky areas, and forest-like places that are full of plant life. The game’s developer mentioned that this time, the game’s environment is so much diverse than the one before.

Middle-Earth Shadow of War

Not only will you see nature’s beauty but the beautiful fortresses of the Orc factions as well. Due to the constant battles of the humans and Orcs, the lovely environments has become their battlegrounds.

Get to check out a few gameplay footage as well. You will play as Talion and you would have to recruit your army of Orcs and take on Sauron and his evil forces. Capture as many fortresses as you can, kill as many commanders as you can and more Orc troops will join you.

Watch the Middle Earth Shadow of War trailer below:

Middle Earth Shadow of War launches on August 22, 2017, for PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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Monolith Productions’ highly anticipated Middle Earth Shadow of War gameplay video is finally released. The video launch is weeks after the announcement of the game’s launch.