Minecraft Dungeons Concept Supposed To Be Like Zelda

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Minecraft Dungeons Concept

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The Minecraft Dungeons concept was totally different from the final product said game director Mans Olson.

The game was supposed to be more like Zelda instead of Diablo.

Minecraft Dungeons is categorized as an action-adventure, role-playing game with some dungeon crawling elements. Zelda is quite the same but if you compare the two games together we get to see that both games are very different from each other.

At first, the game had been planned to be a small singleplayer experience. Upon the game’s development, the multiplayer had been born and the potential in that had been seen. The developers experimented on the idea and found out that the multiplayer experience is much more fun.

Even though the game did not really follow the original plans, it had actually exceeded the initial expectations of the developers said, Olson.

The game will have two versions available: a Standard Edition and a Hero Edition. The Hero Edition is more expensive with its perks and bonus content. Both the editions are now available for pre-order.

Originally the game was set to launch in April but it had been delayed due to the Covid19 pandemic.

The new schedule of Minecraft Dungeons is on May 28th available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


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Additional Minecraft Dungeons Features Explained by Devs


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