Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Combat System

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Learn and understand Faith’s attacks as well as the other techniques she can use in combat for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

Hand to hand combat is what Faith will basically be using in the game, no guns will be a part of her attack strategy. Her fists as well as the environment around her is all she will be needing. Her momentum is also very important for her attacks to bear weight.

Attack Types

Two attack types are available to Faith, a light attack as well as a heavy attack. Both types of attacks will depend on her momentum. For the light attack, Faith must be running, this is intended to just hurt her enemies and then move around them quickly. For heavy attacks, Faith must also be running to build up her momentum, she can then deliver one hard hitting blow that can temporarily stun her enemies but this will completely kill her momentum, she should start running again to build up her momentum.

Damages Received

Faith is no superhero and does take damages like a regular person. The only thing that keeps her going is her unwavering willpower and determination. However, she can run out of stamina and this can hurt her very much.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst faith in combat

Additional Techniques Used in Combat

Focus– Being in a state of concentrated focus, Faith will almost be invincible to her enemies because of her speed. And if she gets hit, her focus will be lost but it will not affect her stamina.

Third Person Takedowns– These are finishing moves that Faith can do to take down an enemy. It is a third person takedown because instead of the first person point of view, it will switch to a third person point of view. This will “let people connect with Faith by reminding them who she is. She is this iconic heroine, but you rarely get to see her because of the first person perspective,” as explained by the developers.

Shift Move– This will let Faith have a burst of acceleration in any direction, this is useful in fast turns and longer jumps to keep Faith’s momentum going.

Disruptor– A gadget that Faith uses to be able to access the beat. The beat is very useful to Faith as she can interact with an underground network connection using the disruptor. Also, with the help of hackers she will be able to access systems that she can use to get the upper hand. Faith also uses a special lens for her to be able to see the beat. She can also use the disruptor to hack into communication systems and use a very loud sound to momentarily stun her enemies. The Disruptor can be charged with kinetic energy, which Faith can produce when she is in the state of Focus.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be available for PC (Origin), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Launch date is on May 26, 2016.