Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Moves Release Date to June

April 26, 2016 at 6:12 AM in Gaming News with no comments
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst_042316-01


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s release date has been moved once again, this time pushed back to two weeks from the set release date. The very first launch date announcement was on February 23, 2016 and was moved to May 24, 2016 for North America and May 26, 2016 in Europe. And another adjustment to the game’s release date was announced in the game’s official website and it is now for June 7th for North America and June 9th for Europe.

The shift in the launch date was due to the much needed attention to the feedback given to them during the Closed Beta, especially regarding the Social Play, as said by the game’s Design Director, Erik Odeldahl. “To support the Social Play features, we are using a brand new online technology. We also want to make sure we have the opportunity and time to address player feedback from the Closed Beta.” Odeldahl further adds, “This is why we will give ourselves a bit more time to perfect the game, with a new release date for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst for June 7th (NA) and June 9th (EU),”

The additional two weeks delay ensures you that the game will play flawlessly on the said new release date.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s Closed Beta started on April 22nd and will be ending on April 26th. The Closed Beta will consist of the Frontrunners – they are the ones who were personally chosen by DICE to play in the beta and were sent an invite email with their codes. The other players are the regular players who signed up to play in the Closed Beta who also received their codes via email.