Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Unlockable Abilities

April 19, 2016 at 12:46 AM in Gaming News with no comments
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst_041616-02


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will have Faith’s abilities under XP unlocks. Unlike in the first Mirror’s Edge game where you will have all of Faith’s abilities immediately, this time you will have to have a certain amount of XP to unlock certain skills. You will have a certain skill set available and must earn XP to be able to do movements like rolling, swinging and 90 degree turns.

In Catalyst, a trait tree will be available for Faith to upgrade, it will have three different areas namely combat, gear and movement. The combat unlocks will make some damage boosts available over some specific types of enemies. The gear unlocks will let you unlock different gears that you will be able to use like AI drones, mag-line and grappling hooks. The last one is movement unlocks, this will give Faith more advanced parkour movements to use.

If you are thinking that this requires very tedious XP grinding, well Eurogamer.net, through experience said that XP is very easy to gain in the game, “Catalyst pretty much hurls XP at you.”

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be available for PC (Origin), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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