Miscellaneous Fees for Purchasing Games on Cheapdigitaldownload.com Explained

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If you ever tried purchasing a game through our trusted stores, then you may have noticed that the total price of the game is different at checkout as compared to the price posted. This is because of the other fees added like purchase security or for processing and government-mandated fees.

We have for you a breakdown as well as a description of the different fees that you could be charged for when purchasing a game.


  • TAX — Taxes or sometimes referred to Value Added Tax (VAT) are government mandated fees that are placed on products. This is often a fixed percentage of the item’s purchase price and each one is different depending on the laws of the country that you are purchasing from.
  • PAYPAL — Opting to pay using PayPal has some fees attached to it. The vendors usually add the PayPal Processing fee charges to the total price of the purchase. You can check out how this works here, which has an explanation on how the fees are computed.
  • CREDIT CARD — Transactions through credit cards usually have a payment processing service that charges a small amount. This is usually added by the seller to the total purchase amount. The fees are different depending on the type of your card as well as the service used by the seller for payment processing.
  • BUYER PROTECTION –This is what we call a “security shield” or sometimes just a “shield”. These usually come with a minimal fee by offering premium services that provide an extra layer of protection against issues that may happen on your purchase like non-deliveries or invalid keys. This service is optional for most vendors but it is highly recommended.

Now that the fees are better explained, get to know how they are applied in our price comparison service


In the image that you are seeing above, you will get to see the Price Column which has the raw cost of the game. Right beside that is the additional fees if there are any. This will give you a quick breakdown as well as a quick estimate of how much the total cost of the game would be.

If you really are not into making the calculations yourself or perhaps would want specific options, you are able to go to that section by going to the right side at the top of the listings.

The Store

There will be several options that will show how much the price would be when toggled.


  • FIRST DROPDOWN — This first dropdown will actually include the fees that will be added depending on the payment method that you have chosen. There will be two options which are “include PayPal fees” or include card fees” this actually depends on which one you would want to opt for when doing your purchase.
  • SECOND DROPDOWN — This second dropdown will let you choose the country that you are purchasing from and then calculate the tax based on your country’s tax laws. For those making your purchase outside Europe, you do not have to set this.


  • EXCLUDE VAT — Not all stores put taxes on purchases. If you are living in a country that does not have VAT (which you should also set in THE PAYMENT section) then this will omit the computed TAX from the listings that do not charge it.
  • INCLUDE SECURITY SHIELDS — When you enable this option, then the site’s buyer protection service will be added to the total price of the listings.

We have for you a comparison of both the same listing with as well as without the Fees Options set.


Without Options


With Options

Now that it has been explained to you what the different additional fees are, and now you are able to see them in our site, you are now knowledgeable and would no longer be surprised at the difference in your total upon checkout. And if by chance you encounter any errors regarding the system’s computation of fees, do report the issue to our Support Team so that a fix can be done right away.