Monster Harvest will have Players Farming and Collecting This July

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Monster Harvest from Merge Games is a farming and collecting action RPG set to launch on July 8, 2021. The game was originally set to launch on May 13, 2021, but was postponed. Monster Harvest will be available for PC via Steam, and also on the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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Monster Harvest


The postponement will allow the developers to expand the game even more. They plan on adding more content, a new female character, a dungeon map, additional NPCs as well as a much bigger farm.

The farming genre had climbed its way slowly but surely to the peak. The genre had been popular but it usually doesn’t get any expansions from the many that have already launched.

A little while back, there are two farming RPGs that had been overfunded on Kickstarter. One is Coral Island where players are brought to a tropical paradise and the other game is Ova Magica which is a monster collecting and farming game as well. There is another farming game that coming up too which will have players farming and traveling with cats and it is called Kitaria.


Monster Harvest 1


What makes Monster Harvest unique is that players don’t have to go to the dungeons at night and farm during the daytime. This game combines the two, as you grow your monsters from plants with the use of a special magical slime. These monsters will help the players in their journeys and explore the many cities and caves of the game world.

The developers said that the game was inspired by Doraemon Story of Seasons, My Time at Portia, and Harvest Moon.


Different Planimals for Different Seasons


The game comes with three different seasons which are dry, wet, and dark. Each season will give you different plants that you can grow, and each season will give them different attributes giving you a chance to design your playstyle. During the dark season, is when the mutations can be especially dangerous.

Watch the updated “Release Date Trailer” below:



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