Monster Hunter World Crossover Event Will Give You A Mega Man Palico

April 15, 2018 at 7:02 PM in Gaming News with no comments
Monster Hunter World


The Spring Blossom Event is about to close, and a new Monster Hunter World crossover event is now live and is available for PlayStation and Xbox One. This newest event will have players collect crafting materials in order to dress up your Palico as Mega Man.

“A Rush of Blood” is the name of the quest which will bring you to an area where you are able to hunt some Odagarons. There will be two types of Odaragons that you will be encountering. One, the regular full grown monster and the other one will be a mini version of it, kind of like a baby version. This will still be a 7-star mission which would have a 50-minute time limit and a three faint limit. Complete this quest and you will get some Mega Man Tickets. To get the crossover gear you would need multiple Mega Man tickets, so one must repeat the quest several times in order to have enough tickets.

If you have gathered all the required items, just head to Smithy and open the Forge Palico Equipment. Then go to Full Armor sets which will give you the ability to craft the Mega Man Helmet as well as Mega Man Suit. Players would need a total of 3 Mega Man tickets for both and these are high-rank pieces.

Of course, you would need a Palico Weapon. Go to Forge Palico Equipment then Standard Equipment. Look for the Mega Buster which is at the bottom of the list. This requires 2 Mega Man tickets and is also a high-rank item.

The crossover gear also introduces different Mega Man tunes depending on the weapon that you are carrying. We know what you are thinking, and this can only happen during the quest and not through the normal game.

Do act now as the gear won’t be available forever. A Rush of Blood will only be available up until April 27 so do get them by then. Also, the Spring Blossom Fest will end on April 19.

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