Mordhau Launched Successfully; Experienced Server Issues

May 4, 2019 at 4:57 PM in Digital Download News with no comments

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Triterion previously launched Mordhau and it was received positively. The game was able to sell very well in just a short amount of time. However, since the developers probably did not anticipate this, their servers were not ready for the number of players wanting to play the game.

Mordhau has quickly risen in the Steam charts, giving the developers more than enough reason to fix the server issues and make it their priority. Actually, a few patches had already been rolled out, one of which involves rebooting the server in order for the changes to come into effect. Other fixes that we will be experiencing soon involves the new matchmaking options plus the game breaking bug.

If you haven’t heard of Mordhau yet, it is a medieval skill-based hack and slash game which is being compared to Chivalry. It features small and large-scale battles where one match could reach up to 64 players. The game also does come with a Battle Royale mode. It also has a practice mode which you could do offline with an AI.

Watch the Mordhau gameplay trailer below:


Those who were already able to play the game are very happy with the game’s melee combat as well as with its well-balanced mechanics. For right now, the negative reviews for the game found on Steam are about the server issues. Although that is the case, the game still has a Mostly Positive rating available. Most possibly once the issues are fixed, the rating would go up to Very Positive.

Mordhau is now available PC (Steam). No plans yet for console releases says the developers.