More Than 30 Presenters Will Be At The PC Gaming Show E3 2019

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PC Gaming Show 2019  

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The PC Gaming Show of PC Gamer will be present at E3 2019, and they promise to bring more than 30 presenters on stage. The first ever press conference of the PC Gaming Show had been in 2015, making this their fourth sub-event for E3.

This year’s PC Gaming Show is packed. The list is long, so what we will be giving you are the highlights that came from PC Gamer themselves:

  • Rebellion Developments – Evil Genius 2, unannounced game
  • Donkey Crew – Last Oasis
  • Tripwire Interactive – Maneater, other projects
  • Gearbox Software – Borderlands 3
  • Paradox Interactive – Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2, Age of Wonders Planetfall
  • Digital Extremes – Warframe Empyrean (expansion)
  • Frontier Developments – Planet Zoo
  • Chucklefish Limited – unannounced game

A few surprises are also available which will be from the following:

  • Fatshark
  • Funcom
  • Re-Logic
  • Annapurna Interactive
  • Raw Fury
  • Fellow Traveller
  • Coffee Stain Studios

As if the 30 presenters are not enough, the organizers of the game said that there are two additional studios that cannot be named as of yet will be sharing some “secret stuff” at The PC Gaming Show.

If none of the listed studios didn’t get you hyped up, then maybe the two mysterious studios got you curious. You wouldn’t want to miss this, so here are the schedules below:

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