MotoGP 21 Gameplay Video Revealed

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MotoGP 21 is coming this April for PC as well as consoles including the next-generation consoles. Milestone has shared the game’s first gameplay video that comes with the improvements and innovations available.

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The gameplay video is brought to us by Milestone and Dorna Sports. The video introduces us to the “Long Lap Penalty”. This penalty is for drivers that are doing unfair behavior during races like disregarding the rules or taking shortcuts.



This type of penalty will add a few additional seconds to your lap time by adding a sub-section to the regular race track. This is a simple way to impose a penalty that could greatly impact the current standing of the rider.


MotoGP 21 Announcement Trailer




The racing experience is much more realistic this time around because of the new features as well as improvements just like the Manager Mode. MotoGP 21 offers a racing simulation like no other.


MotoGP 21 Race


No More Respawns. When you crash, you will no longer be automatically placed back on the track. Instead, you will have to get up, go to your bike and resume the race. This will greatly affect your time, so you have to be careful during corners.

Brake Temperature Is Now A Thing. Racing is not all about speed but the right strategy as well. This means proper breaking and keeping an eye on your break’s temperature. Very hot breaks or cold breaks will affect its effectiveness.


MotoGP 21 Cornering


Long Lap Penalty. This new penalty makes the game feel much more like the real thing.

Revised Motorbike Suspension. Racing simulation lovers will surely enjoy this improvement as it brings the game a few steps closer to realism.




MotoGP 21 is ready for the next generation consoles with its innovations. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X get to enjoy a dynamic resolution of up to 4K and 60 FPS. The game’s overall image quality is improved. Also, thanks to the new lighting the feel of the real races are now brought to you in the comforts of your home. As we now all know, the next-generation consoles are fast and the loading times have been reduced to about half. This also comes with online races that can accommodate up to 22 racers.

After the game’s launch, we can expect additional game content and updates in the coming months.

MotoGP 21 is set to launch on April 22, 2021. As always you can get the best rates for the game with our price comparison service here at

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