New Age of Empires 4 Patch Comes With Bug Fixes And Balances

January 24, 2022 at 8:14 PM in Gaming News with no comments

Age of Empires IV gets its first patch of the year and it focuses on bug fixes as well as balance changes.

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Age of Empires 4 Patch

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There is quite a lot on the list and we have provided it below for you.

AoE Patch 10257 Notes:


  • A 67% increase for matchmaking pool to improve the quality of match-ups and to find matches faster.
  • Scouts that carry carcasses will now move slower by 35%.
  • Those who are in levels II-IV, the Horseman ranged armor has been increased from 1 to 2.


  • The Spearwall can now be activated correctly by the Spearmen.
  • Fixed the issue where Prelate gets stuck when inspiring units.


  • The attacks of Horse Archers are now slower. Their fire rate has been changed from 2.0 to 2.5.
  • No more additional attack speed and damage from Incendiary Arrows for Horse Archers.
  • Warrior Monks that carry relics will now move 25% slower.


  • The starting wood has been decreased by 50.
  • The outpost cost has been increased to 100 wood.
  • Owning multiple Ovoos through exploits is no longer allowed.
  • The Mongol Khaganate Palace is now correctly packed.

Delhi Sultanate:

  • The Spearwall can now be activated correctly by the Spearmen.
  • Keep tech times are no longer increased in Mosques.
  • Piety base research time was reduced from 600 seconds to 135 seconds.
  • Research time for explosives base increased from 300 seconds to 900 seconds.
  • Research time for Chaser Cannons increased from 450 seconds o 1350 seconds.
  • Research time for Hardened Spearmen has been reduced from 210 seconds to 105 seconds.
  • Research time for Herbal Medicine has been reduced from 300 seconds to 180 seconds.
  • Research time for Honed Blades has been reduced from 1350 seconds to 300 seconds.


  • Cost of Fire Lancer increased from 80F/20W/20G to 120F/20W/20G.
  • Bonus damage vs. ranged unit type removed for Fire Lancer.
  • Health increased from 135 to 155 for Fire Lancer III.
  • Decreased damage of 50% to surrounding units for Fire Lancer III charged weapon AoE.
  • Damage reduced for Fire Lancer III from 51 to 36.
  • Increased health from 160 to 180 for Fire Lancer IV.
  • Decreased weapon damage from 15 to 13 for Fire Lancer IV.
  • Reduced charged weapon damage from 25 to 23 for Fire Lancer IV.
  • Charged weapon AoE for Fire Lancer IV can now deal 50% damage to the surrounding units.
  • Fire Lancer IV Torch damage has been reduced from 55 to 40.
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The new patch for Age of Empires IV makes sure that there is fair competition across the different skill levels.



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