NEW Allkeyshop eGazzette #1 September Edition

September 3, 2022 at 3:26 AM in eGazette with no comments

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Hi there!

We are happy to announce the Allkeyshop eGazzette that will have its first edition this September. This is where all the announcements about Allkeyshop and its community including us here at Cheapdigitaldownload can be found.

egazette allkeyshop first edition


We heard you when you said that you want more ways to use your points.

Just last year we were able to start multiple events on the official Discord server of Allkeyshop. That resulted in 1520 winners in the weekly #events as well as 215 winners in the #announcements. With the addition of all our winners in our new rewards program, this sums up to be 104,205 winners on all our websites.

We are continuing to grow as a community and we would want to reward those who are active not just based on “luck”.

Allkeyshop meme

So we are happy to announce that we are coming up with a new way to use your points.

Introducing the NFT Rewards! We will be talking more about this soon but with this, you will still be about to win game keys! So watch out for it.


sherpa Allkeyshop

We would also like to announce that the first wave of recruitment for the Allkeyshop Sherpa is finished but we will have more in the future so don’t hesitate to send your applications.

If you would also like to join our team we have some career opportunities that you can check on our career page.

We would like to greet our newest Ambassadors/Sherpa team:

  • Javi “TmmRanger” Fernández [ES] (already an ambassador for a few months)
  • Askell [IT] (already an ambassador for a few months)
  • Gonçalo “K.9” Fernandes [PT]
  • Silent Static [EN]
  • NeØs [FR]
  • CarlosBraz [PT]
  • strife_omen [EN]
  • Senpavo [IT]
  • Matt [ES]
  • Jesse “JesseRedbull” Bakker [NL]
  • MudiH [DE]

To welcome our first-ever members of the team, we will be sending them a T-shirt with an Allkeyshop logo. You can also get your very own Allkeyshop shirt in our clothes shop.


The Allkeyshop Trello Public is back online once again. This is where you can share your suggestions with us.

We will be keeping you updated on our next eGazzette! So stay tuned!