New Imperator Rome Trailer Shares Game Map With Quick History Lesson!

April 6, 2019 at 1:06 AM in Digital Download News with no comments
Imperator Rome

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Paradox Interactive shared a new Imperator Rome trailer that features the game’s developers talking about the game’s map as well as a brief history lesson. The game is set after Alexander’ death. This is such a chaotic period where we see the rise of Alexander’s Successor Empires. Since the game is linked with history, the devs found it important to re-tell what those events are that would lead to the game’s current setting.

If you are a huge history buff, you may not need to go through the video. But if you are not, the 10-minute video will surely give you the proper knowledge to understand the game so that you can fully immerse yourself.


Imperator Rome has a detailed map as well as the most substantial modding tools as compared to any of the Paradox games. In fact, this is the most ambitious grand strategy game for the studio. There are so many things to consider in the game like keeping your population happy although there is cultural diversity. Also, problems like barbarians and rebellions could possibly arise in addition to the conventional management problems.

Imperator Rome will be launching on April 25, 2019, for PC. Pre-order the game and get some special bonuses. You can learn all about that HERE.


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