The Newest Multiplayer Game From The Makers Of Sleeping Dogs Is Smash and Grab

August 27, 2016 at 5:43 AM in Gaming News with no comments

Smash and Grab GAME_BANNER_082416-03


United Front, the people behind Sleeping Dogs has a new multiplayer game, called Smash and Grab (which is stylized as Smash+Grab). An Early Access game, that we will be seeing by the month of September.

Smash and Grab will feature gangs, loots, and brawls and so much more. It is an online 3v3 multiplayer game that lets you play as the leader of your gang. Each team must aim to loot $50,000 worth of items from anywhere you may find it, like broken down stores and even other players. A time limit of 15 minutes is given to finish this.

As you progress further game, higher-end and larger scale stores will be made available to loot. New mods will also be unlocked to make your weapons will also be unlocked to make your weapons bigger and better. Leveling up and get new perks and clothing as you continue on.

The perks will not only apply to you. It will also apply to your 5 player team, from your Lieutenant to every single member. Each member can also be assigned his/her own class. You will surely be on your way to victory if you play this with amazing teamwork and intelligent tactics.

All features will be included in the game’s Early Access: offline practice mode, two initial multiplayer modes, and maps.