New Overwatch Character Ana Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

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Age is just a number for this new Overwatch character. A sniper with multipurpose abilities.

Ana Amari the new Overwatch character is finally here. She is a former Overwatch founding member. She is also 60 years old, and with that great age comes great skill. A one-eyed sniper who is sharp as a tack. Her story starts with the Overwatch team during the Omic Crisis. A mission that they have completed successfully. Ana was second in command to Strike Commander Morrison and is considered the best sniper in the world. During a hostage rescue mission that left Ana blind in one eye, she disappeared and was believed to be dead.

Ana actually did survive that ordeal, however she decided to keep it down low to avoid being involved in the conflicts of the world. But, a force is on the rise to destabilize the city, threatening the people she loves. This leaves her no choice but to come out of her hiding and protect them.


Ana’s 4 Badass Abilities

Ana’s abilities make her stand out from the rest. She plays a support role and she can affect anyone in her range from enemies to allies.

Ana’s Abilities:

icon-abilityBIOTIC RIFLE

Her biotic rifle is a special kind of rifle that shoots darts. The dart can either restore the health of her allies or deal damage to her opponents. Equipped with a zoom functionality, ensuring accurate shots.

icon-ability (1)


Ana has a weapon on her side arm that can shoot sleep darts. Any enemy to sleep with this, however they will be awakened if hit in their unconscious state.

icon-ability (2)


Biotic Grenades can either heal allies or deal damage when in range of the grenade. For allies being affected by the biotic grenade, they will receive increased healing from other sources and for enemies, they will not be able to heal themselves for a few moments.

icon-ability (3)


The Nano Boost is one very helpful tool. It will temporarily help Ana’s allies to move faster, deal more damage and get lesser damage from opponents.




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