New Patch With New Player Unknowns Battlegrounds Weapon

September 10, 2017 at 2:40 PM in Gaming News with no comments

Player Unknowns Battlegrounds


Bluehole announces that a new PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds weapon is coming with the new patch next week. The weapons is a Mini-14 as announced on the game’s official Twitter account. After the patch release, players will be able to see this weapon in the game.

It was said that the Mini 14 is not crate-exclusive and players will be able to find this weapon across the map.  

Not only will the patch come with a new weapon, it will also include a foggy weather effect. An image teaser was posted on Twitter and it looks great! This was added to celebrate the game because it has reached 1 million concurrent players on Steam.


The patch notes are not available as of yet. Also included in the update is a new vaulting system. We should watch out for that as well.


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