New Prey Gameplay Trailer Reveals New Launch Date

January 27, 2017 at 7:32 PM in Gaming News with no comments

Prey Gameplay Trailer Cover


Arkane Studios released a new Prey gameplay trailer revealing the game’s new release date. Originally the game had been the project of Human Head Studios and was entitled PREY 2 but was canceled. The project was then turned over to Arkane Studios and was changed to a Prey reboot.

Get to play as Morgan Yu who is onboard the huge Talos 1 spaceship conducting some experimental research. After some unforeseen events, Yu gets attacked by the alien race Typhoon and is left to fight for his life. He must fight back with his acquired evolving powers.

Check out the game introduction as well as the alien Typhoons and Yu’s powers in the gameplay video below:

Pre-order the game now and get the Exclusive Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack. It includes three (3) Transtar Neuromods, two (2) Medkits, one (1) recycler shielding chipset, starter fabrication materials and a Margrave Shotgun with ammo plans.

Prey Release Date

The official launch date of Prey is now May 5, 2017, and is going to be available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Get To Watch The New Prey Gameplay Trailer Now! Check out the Prey gameplay trailer which introduces you to the items, weapons and gameplay.