New Rainbow Six Siege Title Is Packed With New Stuff

July 13, 2017 at 6:51 PM in Gaming News with no comments


Ubisoft release a new Rainbow Six Siege Title Update called the Title Update 2.1.1. This new update comes with bug fixes and balance changes. It also introduces new loot boxes called Alpha Packs.

Alpha Packs are chance-based loot boxes where players can receive free cosmetics just by planning the game. Since these are chance-based loot former cosmetics are also included like the Black Ice skins. According to Ubisoft, they would want the “most stable deployment possible” so they are planning the release of Alpha Packs to be staggered across every platform. A free Alpha pack is also available to every player once it launches on their chosen platform.

You can know more about the Alpha Packs in the blog or FAQ that Ubisoft will be sharing next week.

Fixes to Hibana’s X-KAIROS launcher came with the update as well:

  • Deploy fix for issue that prevents Hibana’s second X-KAIROS charge from exploding after the first charge when activated quickly
  • Adjusted how pellets are distributed across adjoining reinforced walls, resulting to an even spread of pellets as intended
  • There is now a delay that will prevent players from exploiting the triggering of X-KAIROS pellets in mid-air
  • All pellets will now be destroyed properly once detonated

Remember the spawn-killing problem in the game? Well, a fix was implemented that came with the update available for the Karnal Map.

Fixes for the Coastline Bar was also implemented, in particular, the walls of the Blue Bar. The walls had to be rebuilt because it is not reacting to destruction as it should be. With the new update, destruction can now be seen throughout the entire wall.


Creation Of More New Rainbow Six Operators Is Planned By Ubisoft

More Rainbow Six Siege Operators and maps rather than new game modes are announced by Ubisoft.