New Survival Game From Blizzard Currently On The Works

February 1, 2022 at 9:50 PM in Gaming News with no comments

A new survival game is currently in the works as Blizzard is gathering a team to create it. The game will be launching for PC and consoles.

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Blizzard announced that they are “embarking on [their] next quest.” What this meant is that they are looking for people that will join their team as their posting is that of a job listing.


Here are the roles that the company is looking to fulfill.



  • Environment Artist (Associate to Senior)
  • Senior Character Artist
  • Technical Artist (FX Pipeline)
  • VFX Artist (Associate to Senior)
  • Senior Character Concept Artist


  • Associate Level Designer
  • Level Designer


  • Lead Software Engineer, Engine
  • Senior Software Engineer, Audio
  • Senior Software Engineer, Server
  • Senior Software Engineer, Tools
  blizzard job post  

The post of Blizzard reads “For thirty years, Blizzard has been creating universes for millions of players around the globe. This requires a diverse team of developers willing to lend their voices, to listen and to be heard. That is our mission. Do you like survival games? Do you want to join a collaborative team of experienced developers at the early stage of a new project in a new world…and help write the next chapter in Blizzard’s story? This is your call to adventure. Will you answer it?”

Blizzard Entertainment is popular for games like Diablo 3, Overwatch, StarCraft 2, and World of Warcraft. Because of their great lineup of games, we are looking forward to the new survival game that they are making.



Blizzard Entertainment is a part of Activision-Blizzard which has been bought by Microsoft for $68.7 billion.


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