New Video Highlights F1 2017 New Career Mode

August 9, 2017 at 9:55 PM in Gaming News with no comments

F1 2017


Codemasters revealed a new video that includes more details about the expanded F1 2017 new Career Mode. In the history of the F1 video game franchise, this year’s career mode is actually the most complete, according to Codemasters.

Invitational events are introduced in the F1 2017 Career Mode, these events are available during the key points in the F1 regular season. There is a lot to do in these invitational events. Get to drive 12 classic cars across different events, these include pursuit events, time attack challenges, overtake and check point. The classic cars are available to be played in all areas in the game like in the single-class and multi-class (C1 and C2) races.

The Career Mode was a big hit last year and we are building on those incredibly strong foundations to create an even deeper, more rounded experience for F1 2017. We have added female driver avatars, new paddock locations and a new character as well as greatly increasing the scope for developing your team and car. All of this, we feel, combined with the addition of the iconic classic cars this year, means that F1 2017 offers gamers the ultimate F1 experience yet. -Creative Director Lee Mather

There is also a wide array of Research and Development upgrades available, as well as new practice programmes you can master, and an “increased importance given to the management and reliability of your car’s engine and gearbox elements.”

Watch the video below for the F1 Career Mode:

F1 2017 launches on August 25 for PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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