New World Brimstone Sands | How to Enter

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Let us share with you how you can enter the new Brimstone Sands zone in the game New World.

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New world: How Do I Enter Brimstone Sands?

Key Facts

  • New World Brimstone Sands is out now
  • Players would have to complete a quest to reach the new Brimstone Sands area.
  • New World Fresh Start servers have been rolled out by Amazon Game Studios



The new Brimstone Sands update has been launched by New World along with the Fresh Start servers.

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It is simple to get into the new Brimstone Sands area, but surviving it is a whole new different story. To do so, you must follow these steps.

Reach level 60 and unlock the Brimstone Sands quest chain, Strider of the Sands, via the Soulwarden Tomash Kovalenko.


Strider of the Sands Quest Locations:

  • Syndicate: Shattered Mountain
  • Marauder: Ebonscale Reach
  • Covenant: Great Cleave

Soulwarden Tomash Kovalenko will ask you to collect the following items:

  • x2 Fish Oil
  • x3 Frostcliff Berries

After gathering all the ingredients you can now craft the Desert Cerate at the nearest Campsite of Arcane Repository.

Then after that, you can apply the Desert Cerate by clicking on it on your inventory.

When you apply this, it will ensure your safety to enter Brimstone Sands through the gate in Ebonscale Reach.

The Brimstone Sands update will improve the New World which brings back thousands of players to the game.

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