New World Combat System: A Look at How Combat Works

New World Combat System  

Amazon’s MMO, New World, is set to launch into beta in a couple of weeks, and here we’ll go through the game’s combat.

A video highlighting New World’s combat system shows some clean visuals, but left nothing about skills or weapons. So how does combat really work in New world?


You will play as a member of one of the game’s three factions, and as such you will have to take on enemies in either Corrupted Invasions or War.

In Corrupted Invasions, legions of Corrupted attack a Territory’s fort in waves. If the invasion succeeds and the Fort falls, the Territory loses upgrades like turrets, crafting stations, and fort gates. Corrupted Invasions will take place every four days or so.

As for War, a Faction attacks another Factions’ Territory, weakening it by performing missions to a point when War can be declared. Factions are made up of companies, and when War is declared, a random company from the Faction will be chosen to lead. The Governor of the selected company will be able to pick from their own ranks for the 50v50 War.

Now let’s talk about weapons. Like in many MMOs, New World features a weapon mastery system where you will earn XP for a weapon’s mastery by defeating enemies. Leveling up a chosen weapon mastery will upgrade the skill tree, and also allowing you to earn unlockable abilities, passives, and bonuses. Each weapon will have its own exclusives.

We can expect to learn a lot more about New World’s combat system when it launches in Spring 2021.