New World Crafting System Explained by Amazon

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New World Crafting System

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The New World crafting system has been explained by Amazon in a post on their official site.

There is so much that a player can do in the New World crafting system. First of all, this is essential for you to survive in the game and it is also fundamental in your character progression. We will go through the main points of the crafting system below. The complete information can be seen in the game’s official site.

First is crafting consumables. This will help players produce extra resources what’s great about this is players are able to craft in bulk.

In crafting equipment, you will have better gear when you have higher skills. Having higher skills also result in raised equipment score. An example of this is at the beginning, you craft a weapon at a score of 200-210 as your skills improve the scores will also go up.

Also, during the process of crafting equipment, one or two perks are bound to be produced in the process. These are random and the higher your experience, the better perks you will get.

New World Crafting System

Players must learn to manage resources to get great results. An example is when crafting a steel sword, using more steel in creating the sword will result in a better weapon.

In crafting, the modifiers can also be chosen. The modifiers will make sure you at least have one perk included in the item.

Crafting in the game also includes the crafting of furniture like chests that have increased storage capacity.

The game highly depends on the player’s ability to decide in the battles as well as the items needed and not depending on dropped loot only.

New World is set to launch on August 23, 2020, for PC.


Amazon’s New World Launch Date Moved to August


The New World launch date has been delayed to August 2020. According to a blog post, the developer, Amazon, announced that they have been working on the game from their own houses because of the pandemic COVID-19, that is why they have decided to delay the game.

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