New World Developer Diary Shared by Amazon Game Studios

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New World Developer Diary

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Amazon Game Studios’ upcoming open-world MMO called New World has a new developer diary released.

New World

The game is set on the Eternal Isle, Aeternum where players will be fighting The Corrupted as well as other players in a dangerous world but is filled with opportunity.

The Corrupted is an ancient evil that is destroying both the beautiful land of Aeternum as well as the humanity that dwells in it. A lot had fallen to The Corruption like adventures, warriors of the past as well as legendary creatures.

Players are able to choose how to fight, use powerful melee weapons, master arcane arts or use ranged weapons. It is up to you, get to discover, forge and customize weapons to how you see your combat style would be.

Journey throughout Aeternum and discover its secrets. Hunt for your food, harvest resources and croft the items that you need.

Strength in numbers is important in this game. You must use the in-game social systems to organize and take control of a powerful group.

Lead your group against the corrupted or you can also take over the lands of your enemies. You will start with nothing, but if you fo everything right, you will end up with brave soldiers, skilled craftsmen, decisive leaders, and smart traders.

The Eternal Isle doesn’t have a set path for you to tread on, you are able to create your own decisions.

New World is set to launch this May 2020 for PC. The game can be pre-purchased right now on Steam and Amazon.

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