New World Patch Comes With Quality of Life Improvements and More

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New World has a new update and it comes with a lot of fixes, quality of life improvements, PvP tweaks and many more.

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Amazon Game Studios shared a new update for their game New World which brings a lot of much needed fixed and quality of life improvements.

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We have the highlights of the patch notes listed below:


New World February 2022 Patch Notes:


  • Taxodius cannot be looted twice anymore.
  • Players can no longer leave the playable space in the Depths because of the Collision fix.
  • Those coming in from another expedition entrance can no longer join in on an expedition in progress.


  • Camps can no longer be built on top of each other to reach higher locations.
  • Solo players can now take on Syleio Seko in Reekwater because the Ancient AI has been scaled back.
  • The Sunken Aspect enemies has been reduced in numbers.
  • The Siren Queen arena can no longer be entered through climbing the wall.
  • Fixes are done to the poor collision and floating assets of the New World’s map.


  • Character pushback has been reduced because of the player-vs-AI physics tweak.
  • Most enemy creatures received a reduced pushback on block to 0.
  • In Corrupted Ogre, the Ball spell’s visuals now match its area of damage.
  • In Dryad Soldier, Empower can no longer be spammed by Soldiers when shot from more than 30 meters.
  • The stamina regeneration of Eternal Bears is now slower.
  • The downward slam of the Swamp Dryad Soldiers can no longer spawn a damaging area of effect.
  • In the Undead Navigator, the Undead Navigator’s self-buff will now show up as a status effect.
  • In the Siren Arena Boss, the Siren will not attack players who are located in the edge of the arena.
  • In Big Cats, the knockdown animations are more distinct.

Expedition AI:

  • In Blighted Greenskeeper, the headshot hit volume is increased.
  • In Genesis Shaman, the Mist Attack VFX now plays in sync with damage.
  • The Angry Earth Naga attack VFX is now more visible.


  • The stun phase of Chardis has been increased by 5 seconds.
  • An increase in the final laser’s phase time has been done, from 75 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • An increase of 25% was done to Chardis’ damage.
  • The final laser of Chardis now deals 15% of health damage per second.
  • There will be no more safe spots on the walls with the swipe animations.
  • Bonus damage from Ancient related perks and coatings have been corrected.
  • The laser will no longer persist after death.


  • The desiccated times has been reduced from 60 seconds to 45 seconds.
  • The curse damage has been normalized.


Weapon Swapping:

  • Weapon swapping can now be done during hit-reactions, traversals, dodges and using consumables.
  • Weapon swapping won’t cancel when staggered.
  • Weapon swapping as well as attacks can now be queued.

Dodging & Blocking:

  • There is a reduction in the recovery time in all dodges.
  • The melee and ranged attacks can now be dodged as well as block canceled.
  • To prevent accidental damage, the light attacks using melee weapons have block and dodge inputs prioritized.


  • A full land animation will no longer happen when jumping from lower heights.


  • When a player drops 15 mana or lower it will trigger a 300 Focus Attribute Bonus.

Equip Load:

  • The stamina consumed when dodging is now included in the equip load descriptions.

Bug Fixes:

  • Attack cancels now work in shallow water.
  • Attack animations will now correctly play.
  • When encumbered, players will no longer get stuck.
  • When using abilities when prone, players will no longer clip through obstacles.
  • Certain AoE attacks can no longer be avoided when prone.


  • Gypsum Orbs are now rewarded in level 60 quests in Reekwater and Shattered Mountain.
  • Side missions from level 10-60 get an increased reward experience of 50%.


  • A base cost of 20 Azoth for fast travel from towns and shrines.
  • There are no more changes in the cost of travel due to distance.
  • The recall time is reduced by half. From 1 hour to 30 minutes.
  • The fast-travel cooldown on houses has been reduced from 50 Azoth to 20 Azoth.

Open World:

  • Housing tax minimum band reduced from 5% to 0.1%.
  • Housing tax maximum band reduced from 10% to 1%.
  • Controlling companies get 5x coin from regional house taxes.
  • The fishing gathering skill experience curve has been reduced by 38%.
  • To match other trade skills, the cooking experience curve has been increased by 30%.
  • When joining a session, players will no longer be locked out of chat.
  • Correct gearscore is now displayed in the Infused Silk.
  • In mutated expeditions in the Fire Staves and Life Staves, the correct attribute perk will now be available.
  • The Mutator Orbs can now be purchased in 3 days rather than 5 days.

End Game:

  • There is no minimum drop time in the Yellow Topaz anymore.
  • Reduced minimum drop time for Back Gypsum from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Reduced minimum drop time for Purple Gypsum from 2 minutes to 30 seconds.
  • Gypsum Orb is now available to faction vendors and is available to be bought once per day for 7,000 faction tokens.

These are only the bug fixes, balance updates, and changes. There are more for weapons.


New World and


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