Next Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition DLC Characters Revealed

August 1, 2019 at 1:46 AM in Digital Download News with no comments
Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition E. Honda  

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The next Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition DLC characters had been announced by Capcom. With this DLC we finally get to see E. Honda the Sumo Wrestler come to the game as well as two Final Fight characters which are Poison and Lucia.

For this announcement, Capcom was able to share a gameplay trailer for all three characters featuring their movesets. E. Honda will still have his flying Headbutt, Hundred Hand Slap as well as his Sumo Splash. Poison is amazing at zoning with her long-range whip attacks. Lucia is on fire with her kicks and throws.

Get to watch all three trailers that we’ve provided below:


You can purchase E. Honda, Poison and Lucia individually which will come with additional costumes. Another option is the Summer 2019 Character Bundle where you can’t get all the costumes nor will it have the new Honda Sento Stage.

E. Honda, Poison, and Lucia will be available on August 4th, the Summer 2019 Character Bundle will launch the following day on August 5th.

Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition is now available for PC and PlayStation 4.


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