No Delay Seen For MotoGP 20 Announced By Game Producer

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MotoGP 20

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MotoGP 20 Announced that it will not be delayed and will still launch on its original date!

Michele Caletti the producer of MotoGP 20 said in an interview that the game won’t be delayed. During that interview, the game’s managerial career mode has been talked about. Caletti said that this mode “expands the horizon significantly with R&D for the bike, imaginary teams to be created, tests, and customization”. Riders will have legislative responsibilities in the game but are able to hire the right people who can do the job like a personal manager, track engineers and so on.

MotoGP 20
MotoGP 20 PS4

The game comes with technical upgrades for its graphics like lighting. The track details are now more realistic and are photo-matched. Overall, the game is ”crisper and more vivid” as compared to the previous games.

Improvements to the game physics have been done as well. Also added are the new fuel management, new tyre system and a demanding and realistic braking dynamic. More interesting bike interactions were added where in which taking damage to the bike will result in broken or even lost winglets. Team managers and racers had been laser-scanned which resulted in realistic facial features.

The new systems added to the game gave it more ways to ride the bikes. Racing strategies that had not been possible with the previous game can now be done here.

The Neural AI A.N.N.A. has been improved. It can now respond to the decisions of the rider in real-time. The game is definitely more challenging because of this.

The game announced as well that there won’t be cross-play available as some of the different platforms available has an advantage over the other making it an unfair competition.

Although the COVID 19 pandemic is affecting everyone, even some game launches. The game will still launch on the promised date.

MotoGP 20 will launch on April 23, 2020, available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.



MotoGP 20

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