No Language Split Expected For WOW Classic European Realms

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World of Warcraft Classic

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Blizzard’s World of Warcraft Classic is set to launch by August and it has been revealed that the game’s European Realms for the Classic will not be split up by language. This is great news if done properly.

The announcement was made through the European Blizzard forums by community manager “Teapsilum”. The announcement starts off by saying that several realms had been prepared which includes PvP, PvE, and role-playing. He then explains that these won’t be split up by language.

“For Classic, we’re planning on not splitting up realms by language. This has its advantages and disadvantages, but overall, we think that it’s the best starting point for WoW Classic. An exception will be made for the Russian language, which will have separate realms due to its reliance on the Cyrillic Alphabet. For technical reasons this will also mean Russian is going to have its own separate game client, similar to what happened in The Burning Crusade.”

For right now it kind of looks like Blizzard doesn’t know how much of the game’s servers will take on and are playing safe. Getting to play with everyone on the continent is such a fun idea but if in the future, they would still have to split up the realms, then that could serve as a problem for them.

World of Warcraft Classic will be launching on August 27 and is free for active subscribers. The game’s third stress test will be on July 18 to 19. You can log in to the Blizzard site, then go to account management in order to get a chance to be one of the testers.



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