No Man’s Sky Has A Day One Patch Available Before Launch

August 10, 2016 at 12:41 AM in Gaming News with no comments

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Lots of new content on No Man’s Sky Day One Patch.

The team of Hello Games have been busy the last month. A Day One patch for the game is available upon the game’s release. The patch will give the game new content as well as experience. It will need the player to start the game fresh. This means that the update will not work if the player has already played the leaked copy of the game. This is important because the patch will greatly affect the progress of the game with the choices that you make.

No Man’s Sky day one patch affects the universe, planets, combat, networking and ship diversity and so much more. The list is available below:

  • The Three Paths – There will be three new unique paths available in the game.
  • The Universe – The generation of the universe algorithm has had some changes. Planets have been moved, changed biomes on environments, altered shapes for galaxies, which are also now up to 10 times larger.
  • Diversity – There will be diversity of creatures with their ecology as well as on the planets.
  • Planets – Additional dead moons and low atmospheres plus extreme hazardous planets. Plus blizzards and dust storms.
  • Atmosphere – A new atmospheric system will now give 4x more variation for space, night time, and day skies.
  • Planet Rotation – Planet rotation effects have been reduced.
  • Terrain Generation – Amazing terrain generation with up to 128m high caves, geometric  anomalies added and interesting sea beds because of under water erosion.
  • Ship Diversity – More types of ships are now available in each star system, these are available for purchase. The ships will now have unique attributes plus cargo and installed technology varieties.
  • Inventory – Bigger ship inventories that has 5x more resources for slots as well as suit inventories at 2.5x more per slot.
  • Trading – A deeper trading based on galactic economy, star systems and planets that have different needs and wants.
  • Feeding – Different diets for each creatures on their home planet as well as their planet’s climate. Feeding will be different for each species.
  • Survival –Search for rare resources to recharge your hazard protection. Suit upgrades as well as hazard protection have been added. You will need this since storms can now be deadly and liquids are often dangerous.
  • Graphical Effects – With better lighting and texture resolution and the shadow quality has been doubled.
  • Balancing – Hundreds of upgrades will have stat changes.
  • Combat –  A newly rewritten Auto Aim and Weapon Aim which is more gentle in general and sticker when in combat. The Sentinels will now be able to alert each other if not taken down immediately. A more challenging Quad and Walker AI.
  • Space Combat – Additional techniques like break drifting and critical hits. More bounty missions and larger battles.Pirate difficulty and frequency will depend on your cargo.
  • Exploits – Removed the cheats of infinite warp cell exploit and rare goods trading.
  • Stability – Resolved low reproaches and buildings would now have foundations on super large planets.
  • Space Stations – More varied interiors plus bars, trade rooms and hydroponic labs has been added.
  • Networking – The ability to see star systems that have been taken by others during a Galactic Map flight.
  • Ship Scanning – The point of interests can now be easily seen from your ship upon scanning an area. Buildings will now generate earlier in the scan.
  • Flying Over Terrain – Generation speed has been increased two fold with reduced pop-ins and shadow artifacts.
  • Writing – The Atlas path and early Mission text has been rewritten to have multiple endings.


No Man’s Release Date For PC Delayed A Few Days

For PC, No Man’s Sky will be available on August 12th. Furthermore, the game will be released earlier for PlayStation 4 which will be on August 9th in North America and August 10th in Europe.