No Man’s Sky Ending Is Found To Be Underwhelming By Players

August 27, 2016 at 6:13 AM in Gaming News with no comments

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Gamers are furious about No Man’s Sky ending which can be seen in a thread on Reddit. Before we continue, we are warning you that this POST HAS SPOILERS, proceed if you’re fine with that. Undecided and is still reading this? Well, you might as well go on. The person who posted on Reddit suggests you read the spoilers. To get a head’s up and prevent you from being disappointed as well.

MrFOrzum is the creator of the thread in Reddit. Entitled (Major Spoilers) Do NOT travel to the center. Should be worth spoiling tho…The post contains his experience in reaching the center of the Galaxy. He has spent so many grueling hours to be able to warp and repair his ship to be able to reach his final destination – The Center. It looks like reaching the center of the Galaxy is a mission of sort for the game.

Upon reaching the center, what happened was the game will zoom out (with music accompaniment, you’d expect to see the credits as well). And it will bring you back to the start of the game, again with the broken ship and all. It made MrFOrzum quite disappointed, well who wouldn’t be.

“It just resets your game to a new galaxy, on a random planet with all your shit broken for no reason at all, as it doesn’t give you anything new”, he posted.

“So yeah…DON’T GO TO THE CENTER, It’s the most pointless thing I’ve ever experienced in a game, and it makes everything you’ve done to get there feel like a complete waste of time.”

Check out the video below and you would understand his disappointment.

Did that get you down? Let’s kick in a few laughs with Honest Game Trailer. The video talks about No Man’s Sky in a humorous way the ending is also mentioned.

Knowing the ending of the game, would you still want to finish it? Share your thoughts with us about this post in the comments.


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