No More Kill Stealing With New PlayerUnkonwns Battlegrounds Assist Mechanic

By Veena on June 22, 2017 Gaming News with No Comments


The introduction of the new PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds assist mechanic will put a stop to stealing kills. This new mechanic is important for the game to be fair.

Playerunknowns Battlegrounds
Playerunknowns Battlegrounds PS4
Playerunknowns Battlegrounds Xbox One

Before, when a player downs an enemy, then a member of their squad takes the kill, the kill will go to whoever made it. But with the new mechanic, an ‘assist’ will come to play. So whoever downs an enemy then somebody else kills it, the kill will go to the person who made the most blows and the assist will go to the one who killed the enemy. This new mechanic is great because players will not need to compete over kills anymore.

The thing about this new mechanic is that it only works within your squad of course. So, if you are able to weaken an enemy and another player from a different squad takes the kill he/she will get it.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will have more changes to come, some of those mentioned is a PvP zombie mode, two new maps, as well as a new weapon which is arriving this month.

The game is available on PC, however, an Xbox launch is set by the end of this year. What do you think of the new assist mechanic? Tell us in the comments below.


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