Now Available For PC Is Overwatch Competitive Play!

June 29, 2016 at 11:37 AM in Gaming News with no comments


Get to know how you can join the Overwatch Competitive Play Mode

Overwatch Competitive Play Mode is now officially available for PC. And, it will also be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the near future.

Competitive Play Mode will give you the chance to “sharpen your skills, perfect your strategies, and test your mettle” in the Overwatch arena. Players should reach level 25. To be able to have the Competitive Play Mode available to them. Filtering the players that are already familiar with the game’s mechanics, heroes and more.

Does the Competitive Play mode tickle your fancy? Check out the pointers that you would need to note:

Getting Started in Overwatch Competitive Play


Match Format:



  • Once you complete 10 placement matches, you will get to receive a special spray and a player icon. New designs will be added each season.
  • Win the matches and earn Competitive Points. Therefore, depending on your performance, you can also earn this points at the end of each season. You can use the points to exchange for Golden Weapons for your heroes.
  • Random leaderboards can be activated during this season. Be a part of the top 500 players and you will be notified in-game. This will officially certify your competitive credentials for the season.


  • Once you leave the game early/AFK during a match for about the first 2 minutes, you will not be eligible to join a new match until the original match is complete. However, you still have an option to rejoin a game that is in progress within 1 minute. Therefore, after a minute it will result in a penalty.
  • Continued infractions will result in a restriction to join other future competitive matches. Hence,to have a good standing account once again, just avoid getting other penalties.
  • Repeated violations will get you banned on the Competitive Play for the season. As a result rewards you’ve earned will also be forfeited.



GAME-Featured-060316-02-150x1507 Million Players For Overwatch In Just First Week

After the  release of Overwatch  it has already reached a record of 7 million players playing the game. All these in just the first week of the release.