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Updated December 17, 2021

How To Create An Account In Origin


To register, go to this link.

  create account in origin

Choose your country/region then place your date of birth. Make sure to tick on the EA Privacy as well as the User agreement then click on Next.

  sign up on origin

On the spaces provided, place the required information like email address, password, and public id.

*Placing the first name and last name is optional.

  how to create an account in origin

  Next, choose a security question then type in a security answer.

create your ea account

You can also select who will be able to see your profile, activity, and friends, then click on Create Account.

Under Other Setting, select preferred one.

Check your email to get the verification code.

  ea account sign up

Another email will be sent to you which is a welcome mail from Origin.

  how to create an account for ea  


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