Outward Receives Massive Update, Includes Hardcore Mode and Endgame Bosses

October 4, 2019 at 6:50 AM in Digital Download News with no comments

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The survival, open-world RPG, video game Outward, had been popular when it launched. Although it was a really interesting game, it only had two updates when it launched back in March and players simply just moved on from the whole game. This could change, however, as NineDots was able to launch a huge update for the game.

Get to watch what the update includes in the Dev Diary available below:


The update includes three major parts and it also comes with some tweaks and fixes as well. The first part is the addition of the new Hardcore mode. For those of you who are not familiar with the game, when players lose HP, they won’t die but instead will regain consciousness in a different location depending on how they got defeated. With the new Hardcore mode, players would still have to go through the defeat scenarios but there is still a chance that they would actually die. Another thing is that co-op is only available with other Hardcore characters as well.


The update also includes new end-game bosses. They are only available once you have finished one of the three faction questlines. As compared to the previous bosses, these are actually harder to defeat but the items that they will drop are actually very important that players are able to craft powerful new equipment with it.

The last part is the Legacy Chest system which had been reworked. Before Legacy Chests were only used for transferring items to another playthrough or other characters. Right now, you can simply pass on items on co-op.

Since its original application of the chests is no longer in use, it has now been changed to something different. The Legacy Chests are now able to transform specific items into upgraded versions for your following character. An example of this is the Pearlbird mask when placed in the Legacy Chest, this mask changes variants.

Some new changes were also made available. For equipment repair, you no longer have to sleep but you can go to a blacksmith to fix it. A panel had also been assigned for players for split-screen in co-op. The shields of the game are now revoked and are much more variable and useful. The Extreme Bleeding status had also been nerfed for balance as well.

The new update is now available for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store and it is absolutely free. For the consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the update should arrive soon. Get to see the complete patch notes for the update here. Do note that if you had been helping with the experimental branch is Steam, then the update is completely the same with that.

In other news, the CEO of NineDots named ‘Gheeyom’ announced via Discord that the game was able to sell more than 400,000 copies across all platforms. This is one amazing feat considering that they only had a small team. NineDots would also want to reassure players that more content will be arriving in the game, with their immediate goal being the update of the game’s engine to a more recent version.


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