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Overcooked 2 Nintendo Switch Digital & Box Price Comparison

What Is the Overcooked 2 Game Code?

It's a digital key that allows you to download Overcooked 2 directly to your Nintendo Switch from the Nintendo Eshop.

How Can I Find the Lowest Price for Overcooked 2 on Nintendo Switch?

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Release date
August 7, 2018
Official website
Ghost Town Games and Team17 Digital Ltd
Team17 Digital Ltd
Indie Casual Co-op Local Co-Op Online Co-Op Multiplayer ... Funny

About this game

Experience once again the hectic world of moving kitchens and never-ending orders in Overcooked 2 the sequel of overcooked both developed by Ghost town games and team17. The game features a new campaign mode where you once again return to the onion kingdom to stop another deadly threat this time it’s the invasion of the risen Unbread. In order to beat them, you have to satisfy their cravings on 36 different levels split up into 6 worlds and 8 bonus levels that you can unlock while playing the game.

  • Although it is recommended to play the campaign co-operatively you have the option to play it alone switch between two chefs and juggle two tasks at once. Getting friends into Overcooked is now easier than ever with both local and online matchmaking.
  • Your fight with the Unbread will take you to the most exotic kitchens imaginable from magic schools, sushi restaurants, mines, and even alien planets.
  • New mechanics will be introduced to overcooked 2 the most prominent one is that you can now throw ingredients, another chef can catch it, or it can land on the pan or the floor. There are also new environmental level features like controllable platforms, portals, moving walkways just to name a few.
  • Overcooked 2 also introduces a number of new recipes, ingredients, equipment, alongside recipes, ingredients, and equipment from the first game.


Players will recognize its familiar chefs and recipes but are sure to enjoy all of the brand new features its sequel has to offer. Despite its few niggles, Overcooked 2 delivers everything that made the first game so great, but in a bigger, better, and more appetizing package.



Overcooked 2 is a chaotic, intense, and challenging multiplayer experience that is so brilliant that it offers countless hours of enjoyment that should be played by everyone. Grab some friends and get ready to cook!


Bundle Edition

The Bundle Edition includes the base games of Overcooked and Overcooked 2.

Overcooked 2 Season Pass

The Season Pass includes three DLC’s in one bundle the Carnival of Chaos, Campfire Cook-off, and Night of the Hangry Horde.

  • Overcooked 2 Campfire Cook-off – 15 camping-based levels with new gimmicks like having to constantly chop wood and feed it to the fire. 4 new woodland-themed chefs: Beaver Chef, Explorer chef, Bear Chef, and Owl Chef.
  • Overcooked 2 Night of the Hangry Horde – 8 levels of a new game mode called Horde mode, you have to ward off the Unbread by feeding them constantly, 12 Halloween-themed normal levels, new recipes, and 4 new horror-themed chefs: Wherwolf Chef Vampire Chef, Ghost Chef, and Boxhead Chef.
  • Overcooked 2 Carnival of Chaos – 15 new carnival-themed levels with a new gimmick a human cannon mechanism to move chefs around the kitchen, new recipes, and 4 new Carnival-themed chefs: Clown Chef, Ringmaster Chef, Strong Man Chef, and Stunt Chef.

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There are 8 offers ranging from $24.63 to $43.99.

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Standard Edition

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