Overwatch 2 Announcement Details

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Overwatch 2  

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Some leaks had been shared previous to Blizzcon 2019 but Blizzard had a lot to share and it did surprise fans when Overwatch 2 had been revealed. It had a cinematic trailer that features the start of the story of the sequel.

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The video had Winston, Tracer, and Mei and it is called ‘Zero Hour’. At this time the Overwatch team had been disbanded and Winston has been tasked to bring them back. The three go on with their mission in Paris and finds themselves surrounded by the Null Sector Mech. Guess what, the cavalry then arrives.

Get to watch the complete cinematic trailer below:

The sequel aims to bring more PVE elements to the traditional competitive PvP title as announced by the game director Jeff Kaplan. There will be PvE missions as well as a separate progression and skill customization system.

Get to see the new features of the sequel in the gameplay trailer below:


There are two categories for the PvE missions and they are the Story Missions and the Hero Missions. In the Story Missions, players are able to experience co-op based missions that are based on the story of the fight between the Null Sector and the Overwatch team. The missions will have items that can change how a hero plays, however, when the mission ends, you won’t be able to keep them.

In the Hero Missions, these are highly replayable missions that are meant to level up your characters as well as unlock different modifiers for your abilities. The changes made will most likely be kept in the PvE.

In Overwatch 2, Sojourn who is a heavy damage dealer now has high mobility. We also get to see Echo much more in the cinematic trailer but we are still not sure if she will be playing.

Everything that will be available in Overwatch 2 like the new maps, heroes, and modes will still be available in the first game. The cosmetic items you own in the original can also be carried over to the sequel.

Right now Overwatch 2 is in very early development and a release date is not yet available.