Overwatch 2 Beta Release Possibly Soon

February 10, 2022 at 3:08 AM in Gaming News with no comments

Blizzard Entertainment announced that Overwatch 2 will be delayed last year. And it looks like the game’s beta will be available soon.

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Overwatch 2 Beta


As we all know, Activision Blizzard has been bought by Microsoft. Under the new company, we could be seeing Overwatch 2 pretty soon.

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Just last year, Blizzard made the announcement that Overwatch 2 will be delayed as well as the game Diablo IV.

Blizzard also confirmed that the Overwatch League 2022 is going to use an early build of Overwatch 2. This could mean that a beta of the game is possibly releasing soon.

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The Overwatch League 2022 will start in April 2022. We are expecting the Overwatch 2 beta to come out a few months after.

To further validate the idea, Helba_The_AI posted a tweet with an image of the new Overwatch Dev version taken from Battle.net.

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The Overwatch Dev version was able to update Overwatch from 1.68 to 2.0. But that was taken down once again.

Another post to support the Overwatch 2 beta idea is OverwatchCaval’s tweet of a picture of the 2.0 version of Overwatch and a new Overwatch Demo 2.

  is Overwatch 2 delayed?  

As of the moment, you have to take the information with a grain of salt as nothing has been confirmed by Blizzard. However, with all the evidence, it does seem that the announcement will come sooner than later.


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