Another Overwatch Animated Short Now Featuring Bastion

August 13, 2016 at 4:02 PM in Gaming News with no comments

Overwatch Animated Short GAME_BANNER_081216-01

The amazing Bastion now has his own Overwatch animated short.

A new Overwatch animated short is set to be shown on August 18. It will be during this year’s Gamescom event. And this time around, it will be Bastion, the curious, transforming robot. Bastion specializes in defense and has two forms. One is bipedal with a sub-machine gun and the other an immobile turret.

The animated short is about the origin of Bastion. It is entitled “The Last Bastion”. A description available for the animated short reads: “In this episode, we follow the forgotten battle automaton as it unexpectedly reactivates after laying dormant in the wilderness for over a decade. Fascinated by its unfamiliar surroundings, the curious omnic beings go to investigate, but quickly discovers its core combat programming may have a different directive…”

Overwatch The Last Bastion

Get to watch The Last Bastion animated short premier during Gamescom 2016. This will be exclusively shown on this event at 9:00 AM Pacific Time / 18:00 CEST on August 18, 2016. Get the chance to watch it online as well on



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