Overwatch: Get To Know The Game And Its Features

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The talked about multiplayer FPS  by Blizzard – Overwatch is  landing this May 24th. If you haven’t been up dated and have no idea what the game offers. Well we’re here to help you. We will be giving you everything that you would need to know about the game.


The game is set in the near future where a global Omnic Crisis led to the global uprising of robots. To save humanity, the United Nations formed an international task force called ‘Overwatch’. Peace has ensued under their watch, whoever they have been accused of corruption and sedition which led humanity against them. Upon the death of the Overwatch leader, Jack Morrison, they eventually went their separate ways.


In Overwatch, you will play in a squad-based combat in 6 vs 6 shooting matches where your aim is to battle over objectives, take down the enemy team, and emerge victorious. You will choose a hero to play among the game’s wide roster of characters (21 characters as of this writing) before the game starts. Each of these characters have their own unique abilities and respective roles.

The game features a squad based combat that will have 6 vs 6 shooting matches. Different modes will be available. Choose among the 21 characters made available. Each would have their own unique abilities as well as roles.

Character Roles

Offense– They deal the most damage but with low hit points.

Defense– They are the ones that fortify locations, they set traps and choke points.

Tank– They have the most hit points so they usually lead the team’s charge against the enemy.

Support– The deal the least amount of damage but is very helpful in that they shield and heal other teammates.

Game Modes

Four game modes of Overwatch

Assault– The attackers would have to capture objectives (target points) that are scattered in the map while being stopped by the defending team.

Escort– In escort the attackers would have to deliver a payload to a certain delivery point while being stopped by the defenders all in a specific time limit.

Control– Each team must fight off each other in gaining a control point. The team who wins two out of the three rounds wins the match.

Assault/Escort– The first to capture the payload will automatically be the attackers, they will have to bring this to the delivery point while being stopped by the defenders.

Other Ways to Play

Overwatch Multiplayer mode

Overwatch doesn’t only offer the multiplayer mode, you will also have other options in playing the game. You will also have the option to practice as well.

Practice Range – A training area is provided where you can learn the skills of a new new hero or simply sharpen your skills for your favorite character.

Play/Practice vs. AI– You will be against an AI opponent.

Quick Play– You will be able to battle with others but only with those within your skill levels.

Custom Game– Play the game with custom modifications eg. banning a specific hero etc.

Weekly Brawl– Play in weekly matches that has rulesets that change every week.

Competitive Play– Climb ranks whenever you win, as you battle it out with other players.



admin-ajax-6-2-150x150Overwatch Beta Gets A Day Extension

Get to play the game’s open beta as it was extended for another 24 hours!