Overwatch Hints On Doomfist All Over The Public Test Region

February 13, 2017 at 9:54 PM in Gaming News with no comments



Blizzard’s game Overwatch hints on having Doomfist as the newest character added to the game. There is, however, no confirmation about this as of yet, but players are creating the buzz for it after seeing hints of the character in the Public Test Region.

There is so much talk in the Public Test Region of Overwatch since hints of Doomfest is scattered everywhere. Youtuber Arrekz has got a video all about it. One great hint is the unfinished model of a payload discovered on the Numbani map. The gauntlet of Doomfist was seen in the glass container.

One other hint seen in the video is the Public Test Region’s main menu music. Players are quick to notice that the PTR “feels” different with that new main menu music. Those who datamined the game discovered that the change in music is actually the theme for Doomfist. The theme is a Doomfist exclusive which first appeared on the Overwatch cinematic trailer is the same as the one in the payload model.

Checkout all the features in the video below by Arrekz.


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