Overwatch: Learn A Special Trick With Ana’s Sleep Dart

July 30, 2016 at 4:15 AM in Gaming News with no comments



This is one very sly trick from Overwatch Character Ana!

The recently released Overwatch character Ana has a cool trick up her sleeve. Well, actually we don’t think that her skill is supposed to be used in this manner. But players of the game are very innovative and made quite a discovery. The creative Redditor made a YouTube video that shows how he and two of his friends uses Ana’s sleep dart. All three of them will use Ana as their character. Afterwards, they will surround their enemy and will attack with a bombardment of sleep darts.

Ana’s valuable sleep darts does have a cool down time of 12 seconds. Meaning, after shooting one dart, you must wait 12 seconds to shoot the next dart. And if there are three of you (well, you do the math) this will keep the enemy sleeping for good! The dart can keep the enemy asleep for about 5.5 seconds. Keep bombarding the enemy with these darts will let the system think that the enemy player is inactive and will kick him out of the match. Cool huh?

Well, we’re thinking that this might not be possible in a heated match. Think of it, how can three players just stand there surrounding one enemy putting him to sleep without other enemy players attacking them.

Do you agree? Check out how this tactic is done in the video below:



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