Planet Zoo Launch Trailer Revealed

November 5, 2019 at 6:08 AM in Digital Download News with no comments
Planet Zoo  

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Frontier Development’s manage and simulation game Planet Zoo has released and it comes with a gorgeous launch trailer. We get to see different animals and habitats as well as some activities that come with managing a large zoo.

The emphasis in the game is on its animals. Get to see over 70 creatures with every single one having such attention to detail. We get to see varied animals, some from East Asia like the Giant Panda as well as the Chinese Pangolin.

Get to watch the complete trailer below:


Planet Zoo will have a Franchise, Career, and Challenge mode. This will make sure that the animals are being treated right and that the visitors are also happy. For a mode where players can do whatever they want, the Sandbox mode is the game for them.

There will be six biomes, a day and night cycle, a dynamic weather system, and it also has the option to be played online and offline. The online mode will have players going on weekly and monthly community challenges.

Planet Zoo is set to launch today on PC.


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