PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Players Join “50 Man Madness”

July 13, 2017 at 12:05 AM in Gaming News with no comments


A cleverly thought of event by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players recently happened. It is one very hilarious event called the “50 Man Madness”.

DooM49 uploaded the video where you can see 50 players agreed to coordinate with each other. The agreement is no bloodshed and that there are a few tasks that they will do together which is absolutely funny. The video featured the highlights of the event.

All the tasks done were absolutely amazing, considering that all 50 players did it. The first one is standing on the side of the hill and throwing grenades at it. Then they got into their vehicles driving off a cliff and eventually into the water. A hilarious part is the synchronized swimming where they were first swimming in a straight line and then eventually formed into a circle. Swimming underwater then going back up to the surface again. Another crazy part of the video is where they let 1 player stand in the center with a frying pan covering his backside and everybody is shooting at the pan.

It is a must watch video, get to see it below!

They are not stopping at that. DooM49 said that they are planning to have a 100 Man Madness as a next event, inviting other players to join in.


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