PlayStation 5 Exclusive Games!

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Want to know what the confirmed PS5 games are when the console launches in November 2020? We have got the list for you here!

There are some games that will be made available for both next-gen consoles but we are only giving you the ones that will launch for the PS5 exclusively. Do note that some of the games may still be available for PC and PS4, but it won’t be available for the Xbox Series X.

If you are also curious about the exclusive games for the Xbox Series X, you can check it out HERE!

Upcoming Exclusive PlayStation 5 Games!


1. Horizon Forbidden West – The game is set to launch in 2021 and is the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy will be back and she will be exploring California, Utah and Nevada in the 31st century.


2. Spider-Man: Miles Morales – This will be available by the holidays of 2020. The events of the game is set 1 year after that of 2018’s Spider-Man.


3. Gran Turismo 7 – The launch date has not been confirmed yet, but trailers of the game are already available. This is the 8th game of the franchise and will be supporting 3D audio and heptic feedback.


4. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart – This game doesn’t have a confirmed launch date but it is said to be launching around the same time as the console. Offering a third-person gameplay coupling it with the DualSense controller when using weapons.


5. Demon’s Souls -You may have already heard of the game if you owned a PS3. This is a remake of the game which is “rebuilt from the ground up”. No specific launch date is available.


6. Project Athia – The trailer will blow you away as the game is made by the team responsible for Final Fantay XV. This will be an exclusive game for the PS5 and PC and promises to use the “next-gen power” of the console.


7. Returnal – Did you see the movie Edge of Tomorrow? Well, this is the game version! This is a sci-fi action game with a mix of roguelike elements.


8. Sackboy: A Big Adventure – From the Little Big Planet comes a cute platformer that you will surely love. The game can be played alone or with a friend in multiplayer.


9. Astro’s Playroom – The sequel to PS4’s Astro Bot Rescue Mission that launched in 2018. This is a 3D platformer that will introduce players to the Dual Sense controller. The game will be coming already pre-loaded on the PS5.


10. Destruction AllStars – A two in one as it can be a car as well as an on-foot battle arena. Choose unique looking characters as well as vehicles and play solo or with friends in the multiplayer modes.


Timed Upcoming Exclusive PlayStation 5 Games!

Timed exclusive games are exclusive only for a specific platform for a specific amount of time and will eventually launch on other platforms.


11. Godfall – This had been the very first game confirmed for the PlayStation 5. Offering a one of a kind gameplay that offers a looter-slasher, melee, action-RPG. The game will exclusively launch for the PS5 for consoles but will also have a PC release. It will later launch for other platforms after its timed exclusivity.


12. BugSnax – A cute adventure game where you get to explore a mysterious island and loof for and hopefully capture the half-bug-half snack creatures. The game is set to launch for PC, PS4 and PS5 by December of 2020.


13. Ghostwire: Tokyo – Arriving to the PC and PS5 in 2021. Ghostwire: Tokyo is an action-adventure game. The citizens of Tokyo had been mysteriously disappearing, and at this time your strange ability starts to show. You must use your new-found powers to save Tokyo!


14. Goodbye Volcano High – Coming to the PC, PS4 and PS5 by 2021, the game offers a cool-looking narrative adventure game.


15. Oddworld Soulstorm – This is the continuation for Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty that launched in 2014. This platformer will be arriving this year for the PC, PS4 and PS5.


16. Stray – A curious game that lets you play as a stray cat trying to solve an ancient mystery in a long-forgotten city. This a third-person adventure game arriving in 2021.


17. Deathloop – Stuck in a time loop, you and your rival assassin have different objectives. One would want to break the loop and the other would want to preserve it. Escaping the loop won’t be easy, but that is what you have to do!